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Growing roses is one of the better ways to add beauty to your environment. In addition, rose gardening provides a great way to slow down the pace of your hectic life. Rose gardening provides a great way relax and a great environment in which to relax. A quick peak at your garden will almost always lift your spirits on even the busiest days. So gather the information and prepare to enjoy your life a little more.
Rose Gardening Advice and Articles
Rose Gardening Tools: Tools For Beauty
If you have the right tools then growing roses can be easy and fun. As you begin your rose gardening career it is important to start with the right plants for your surroundings and the right tools to create and maintain a beautiful garden.

Carefree Rose Gardening
For an easy to look after and carefree rose gardening experience nothing beats Old Garden Roses or Hybrid Tea Roses. First, a little about Old Garden Roses. These are some of the earliest roses cultivated for the pure pleasure of the flower itself.

All About Miniature Roses
Growing miniature roses, like growing any rose or rose bush, requires a lot of sunlight, good soil, and water. Miniature roses, if kept indoors, should be kept near a window where the plant receives as much sunlight as possible each day.

How to Take Care of Climbing Roses
Climbing roses are a different type of roses from rose bushes and shrubs, and thus climbing rose care is different from care of shrub roses.

Composting and gardening go hand in hand. It is one of the never ending cycles – plants pull nutrients from the soil, use them, create nutrients of their own using sun and air, die, and their nutrients go back into the soil.

Organic Rose Gardening
Organic rose gardening is about balance, and non chemical solutions to maintaining a healthy garden. Many chemical fertilizers which are commonly used can harm the soil, as well as being bad for any children or pets playing in the garden.

Companion Plants to Complement Your Roses
Here’s a well known bit of flower gardening advice: your rose garden doesn’t have to be all roses. Gardening design is all about variety and color. There are many other plants which will complement a bed of roses, such as Diascia, Feverfew, and Catmint.

Make Your Own Roses – How to Propagate Roses
Roses have been a historically popular flower, all the way back through history. Kings and Queens grew entire gardens of them. Families used them as part of their family symbol. For a time, roses were a form of currency.

Antique Roses
Roses are present in stories throughout history, as even the Romans had roses. But those roses were different from the roses we see while we are gardening today.

Indoor Rose Gardening
Whether indoor gardening or container gardening, roses have many of the same requirements as regular backyard gardening. Roses will still need a lot of light and nutrient-rich well-drained soil.

Controlling Weeds in your Rose Garden
Weeds are the bane of rose gardeners everywhere. A few days without weeding and these unwanted, insidious plants could be choking your young roses and stealing their light, or stealing nutrients from your prizewinning climbers.

Deadheading and Pruning Roses
Deadheading is the removal of dead blooms and shoots from plants. This is important to do with roses, rather than waiting for blooms to fall off, as the dead parts of the plant still use energy that the rose bush can use anywhere.

Don Juan Climbing Roses
Red roses are one of the most popular colors of roses, and of them, a popular type of rose is the Don Juan climbing rose. Climbing roses are considered easier to grow than many other types of roses, as they require less pruning than regular rose bushes and are very vigorous.

Designing with Roses
Landscaping with roses is all about intent. What is the gardener attempting to do with the roses? Is a specific color needed? Or does it need to fit a theme? Or is it merely a plant needed to fill a blank space?

Landscaping with Roses: A Landscape of Delight
One of the many pleasures of growing roses as part of your backyard gardening is that you can transform your backyard or walkways into a landscape of delight. That’s because you can shape or prune your rose bushes so that they will grow into or around the natural features of your home.

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Rose Gardening Tip.

The rose garden planting season is just around the courner. It is time to collect and sharpen you gardening tools. This is also a good time to finalize that plan for that special something new that you are going to try in the garden this year.

Remember most roses like at least 4 or 5 hours of sun each day. In addition, good drainage is a must.

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