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An indoor rose garden is an opportunity to bring some color and life into a house. Having a few plants in the home can help a home seem comfortable yet still clean and uncluttered.

Whether indoor gardening or container gardening, roses have many of the same requirements as regular backyard gardening. Roses will still need a lot of light and nutrient-rich well-drained soil. The plants will still need some form of fertilizer and may require help combating fungi and viruses.

In indoor gardening, itís often all about the proper pot. The pot needs to be big enough for the roots to grow, or the rose will not be able to grow. It also needs to be small enough that the plant can use the water, and will compete with any weeds which try to invade. The pot also needs to be able to drain well.

A handy tip for the indoor gardener is to fill the dish which goes under your pot half full of clean pebbles. This way, if the dish has a little bit of water in it, the rose plant is not sitting in it and the soil will still easily drain, yet there is a source of moisture which keeps the air around the plant moist. Moist, well circulated air will help prevent the rose bush from developing Powdery Mildew. If a plant does develop Powdery Mildew, check if it has any other common rose diseases. If not, take the plant to the sink and while tilting the pot so that the soil doesnít get blasted, spray way at the Powdery Mildew. This can also get rid of insects such as aphids. If the plant is too big to fit in the sink, wait until a hot morning, and take it outside and use a hose or strong spray bottle to spray it. It needs to be a warm day so that the leaves can dry enough. Otherwise, your plant is at risk for other fungal attacks. If your plant already has Black Spots, or another common rose disease, cut off the affected area carefully and completely, and the get rid of the Powdery Mildew.

To get enough light, roses are best if situated near a window with a southern exposure. If there is not enough sunlight available, artificial light will do. A light bulb above the plant may be sufficient, or a plant light can be purchased at a garden supply store. Gardening stores can also supply gardening gloves, plant food, and other gardening equipment for a container or indoor garden, so that indoor plants can be fed, tended, and pruned.

Even in indoor gardening, it is possible to have a few complementary plants in their own pots, next to the roses. So long as these plants also enjoy a lot of sunlight, any plant will do. This will add color and variety to any display of plants.

Indoor gardening is easy and provides many benefits to your home. Plants help keep the air clean, and the color and life helps keep your house looking nice.

Rose Gardening Tip.

The rose garden planting season is just around the courner. It is time to collect and sharpen you gardening tools. This is also a good time to finalize that plan for that special something new that you are going to try in the garden this year.

Remember most roses like at least 4 or 5 hours of sun each day. In addition, good drainage is a must.

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