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Red roses are one of the most popular colors of roses, and of them, a popular type of rose is the Don Juan climbing rose. Climbing roses are considered easier to grow than many other types of roses, as they require less pruning than regular rose bushes and are very vigorous. They live for many years and can add a lot of dimension to flower gardens. They can be useful in a small backyard garden, as they take up little space but consistently add color from their flowers and their foliage.

The Don Juan roses are very well liked climbing roses, with a beautiful deep red color, a large bloom, a strong fragrance, and a long cane(stem or branch) for anyone enjoying a freshly cut flower, as well as repeat blooming so gardeners can have a constant supply of fresh roses for flowers with little extra rose care. They also add their deep color to a garden without taking up extra room, and can fill up a blank wall or decorate a pillar with ease. These flowers are a good choice for gardeners who like growing long cane flowers, or who like training and growing climbing roses. The Don Juan grows to about 8 ft tall, which can vary depending on climate, but the highest it grows is 10ft, which is manageable. It can be trained to go up a pillar, or to grow in any direction to work with the rose garden design. The Don Juan climbing rose is popular because it is considered as beautiful as many of the Hybrid Tea roses, but is a fragrant climbing rose. It is very rare for a climbing rose to be fragrant.

Like many modern climbing roses need to be, the Don Juan rose is disease resistant and thus is less vulnerable to fungal attacks such as Black Spot Disease or Rust. It is still best to keep them in an area with good air circulation and free of excess moisture.

Taking care of Don Juan roses can be fairly simple. So long as they are watered, they rarely give gardeners any trouble, while still blooming in a beautiful display every spring, and sometimes an extra display at the end of summer. Other Don Juan rose owners have said that the Don Juan roses can be left with little care and will still grow beautiful flowers. It is still best to do a bit of winter gardening, to try to protect the plant from the harsh environment and any storms by finding a way to cover it in plastic and by covering the ground under it with mulch or plastic.

Don Juan climbing roses, like any roses, need to be carefully planted and given proper amounts of water, as well as a good organic or chemical fertilizer. For those beginning flower gardening, the Don Juan climbing rose may be a good choice as it is low maintenance and can be very hardy, while still offering the pleasures of rose gardening.

Rose Gardening Tip.

The rose garden planting season is just around the courner. It is time to collect and sharpen you gardening tools. This is also a good time to finalize that plan for that special something new that you are going to try in the garden this year.

Remember most roses like at least 4 or 5 hours of sun each day. In addition, good drainage is a must.

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